the largest brewer in Turkey, of Anadolu Group, allocated 1M TL to be donated to the unemployed staff in the food and entertainment industries. It is working with an association to distribute these funds via cards/tickets that can be used to shop for essential needs.

of Sabancı Group announced dedicated shopping hours for 60+ year old customers.

of Anadolu Group is redirecting a major part of its marketing spend to medical supplies, equipment, and food and beverage support for healthcare workers, as well as low income citizens. Coca Cola announced a total of $120M commitment for these donations globally. Coca Cola will collaborate with the Turkish Red Crescent to deliver free products to quarantined areas in Turkey.

Turkish fast delivery startup, is donating 10.000 aid boxes worth 1.5M TL to 65+ year old citizens. The company is also waiving delivery fees and providing 10% discount on orders placed by healthcare workers.

donated 200 tons of water to healthcare workers and low income communities in Ankara. It also donated 100 tons of water to a foodbank to be distributed to 65+ year old citizens.

donated 7.000 menstrual pads for female healthcare workers.

producer of roll paper, designed, manufactured, and donated 100.000 rolls (5M meters) of disposable examination table covers to be used in state hospitals and ambulances. It also supplied roll paper to state hospitals and ambulances in three provinces, enough to last them 3 months.


donated 3.000 protective masks to children undergoing cancer treatment in collaboration with a local NGO.

provided 20M TL worth of ethyl alcohol to local bottlers of eaudecologne, a scented hand sanitizer commonly used in Turkish households. The amount is enough for packagers to produce 6M bottles. The company provided the chemical for either free of charge or at production cost to these bottlers. Mey Diageo, in order to support the struggling restaurant industry, also extended its customers’ payment terms for an amount up to 100M TL so that restaurant owners can channel these dues to supporting their now inactive employees.

of Anadolu Group hired 1.000 additional staff for online sales delivery. Special Ramadan boxes are designed and will be on sale for customers over 60 years of age.

is donating 1M TL worth protective medical equipment to hospitals.

is delivering home care products via the Turkish Red Crescent to be distributed to citizens quaranteened in the state-run higher education dormitories in 14 provinces.

committed 12M TL for meals and hygiene products to help families through food banks. It pledged 2:1 matching support for employee donations to charities, commiting to an additional 13M TL of funds to communities.

water bottler subsidiary of Aygaz, Koç Group, is delivering over 2M bottles of water to 20 public hospitals.

sent 15 trucks of water to state hospitals.

donated 230 tons of cleaning products to the Ministry of Health to be sent to hospitals in the 81 provinces of Turkey.

digital marketplace for food delivery, delayed dues of single-branched restaurants for one month, waived listing fees, and is now receiving orders via public hotline Alo 153 for 65+ year old citizens with low digital literacy skills. The company also donated 1M TL to the Ministry of Health to purchase medical equipment. Yemeksepeti is also providing a 10% discount on orders paid with the “Wallet” tool.