initiated an R&D study to diagnose patients using a virus-sensitive optical biosensor method. It also launched an aid campaign to meet the medical equipment needs of healthcare workers.

supplied food and beverage to truck drivers delayed for days at customs gates.

developed a Biological Defence Robot that disinfects spaces autonomously for 8 hours. The company collaborated with the Middle East Technical University in Ankara for design and engineering.

engineering & construction company, donated 4M TL to the Turkish Presidential National Solidarity Campaign.

tech startup providing waste collection and city cleaning solutions, is providing free cleaning services to municipalities.

digital job search platform, is offering HR Venue that enables online job interviews free for one month.

tire and construction reinforcement and composites maker of the Sabancı Group is enabling its composite equipments excellence center to design, prototype, and produce various types of medical equipment.

industrial insulation solutions provider, is producing 3.500 masks.

a tech startup in Turkey, developed a new technology to disinfect money in ATMs.

donated 1M TL to the Turkish Presidential National Solidarity Campaign.

patent tracker, provided a list of the 16 initiatives that produce test kits, breathing apparatus, and other equipment used for combatting COVID-19, including their patent number.

architectural design office, participated in medical mask production efforts by using its 3D printing infrastructure.