is giving higher education and K-12 institutional customers of their Creative Cloud apps the ability to request temporary “at-home” access for their students and educators. This is being granted for free  until June, 2020 and is available globally.

has been working on sourcing necessary medical supplies for American and European healthcare workers. Apple also pledged over $15M in donations, as well as a 2:1 corporate matching for all employee donations that go towards NGOs responding to the pandemic.

is producing 3D printed devices to support healthcare workers. The company shares a production package which includes 3D models, templates, and assembly instructions for those who are willing to produce 3D face shields. It connects these volunteer producers with medical facilities in need.

donated $284.000 (2M yuan) to provide medical supplies such as surgical masks to hospitals in China. Dell is also donating $853,000 (6M yuan) worth of IT services to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Hubei province. The company has also set aside $3M in funds and in kind technology donations to help COVID-19 efforts worldwide.

Italian tech startup, produced a 3D-printed version of valves for respirators. Called a venturi valve, it connects to a patient’s face mask to deliver oxygen at a fixed concentration.

an audio-visual communication tool used by remote and distributed teams is now free of charge. The tool integrates with Slack.

a video recording and sharing enabler, has made Loom Pro free for teachers and students at K-12 schools, universities, and educational institutions. They have also removed the recording limit on free plans and have cut the price for Loom Pro in half.

is paying regular wages to hourly workers who support their campus, even if hours are reduced. Microsoft is also enabling Teams and Minecraft to be used globally for remote learning initiatives. The company is also funding the development of the COVID-19 Open Research Data Set, that includes tens of thousands of scholarly articles about the virus. The company also is also offering its Microsoft Azure powered Healthcare Bot service to frontline healthcare organizations to help screen patients for potential infection and care.

is offering complimentary Netsparker Team licenses to organizations involved in fighting COVID-19 so they can keep their websites and web applications secure during the crisis. Eligible organizations include government entities, medical equipment providers, news providers, vaccine research, medical research, patient care, hospitals, emergency first responders, food delivery, and more.

designer of cameras and monitoring systems for pets, is donating cameras to healthcare workers to help them watch and interact with their pets while away from home.